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Regular-Irregular: The Mark of NCT 127

By Ishani Chettri (‘20)

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

NCT 127 is back again with their new hit “Regular” and they released their first full album Regular-Irregular on October 12. The English and the Korean music videos of “Regular” were respectively released on October 6 and 9. Fans can purchase the album digitally or order a physical copy that includes a photobook, photocards, and more.

The album includes 11 tracks that include 39 minutes of melodious content that ranges from genres like Latin trap to ballads to hardcore hip-hop as NCT 127 explores the concept of reality and dreams.

The included tracks are as follows: “City 127,” “Regular - Korean Version,” “Replay (PM 01:27),” “Knock On,” “No Longer,” “Interlude: Regular to Irregular,” “My Van,” “Come Back,” “Fly Away With Me,” “Regular - English Version,” and a bonus track “Run Back 2 U.”

Personally, my favorites happen to be “Regular” (both the Korean and English versions), “Replay (PM 1:27),” “Interlude: Regular to Irregular,” and “My Van.”

To start off, both versions of “Regular” are so different, yet so alike in the way that they both exude the same type of swagger vibe. The English version was released first, and I had listened to it so much that the Korean version seemed foreign to me, despite being hyped for the Korean version. It is a fusion of Latin trap with English and Korean, and these elements flow together to form a catchy track which inspires confidence within the listener.

Similarly, “Replay (PM 1:27)” seems to be a ballad from its preview, but upon hearing, the listener will be blown away. In reality, it is a groovy, yet comforting track that can easily erase a bad mood as it is perfect for party music or for listening alone. My favorite part of the entire track is whenever the lyrics “I just want to be loved” are repeated by Johnny, because it’s simultaneously catchy and meaningful. Additionally, “Replay (PM 1:27)” is supposed to be a sort of continuation of one of NCT 127’s track, “Back 2 U (AM 1:27),” from their previous mini-album Limitless.

Likewise, “Interlude: Regular to Irregular” is a vocal masterpiece. It is extremely soothing to hear as the first two minutes are various members talking in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English about personal dreams. All of a sudden, the light background of piano keys fade away and discordance is introduced as it turns the track into a twisted, melodic mess. The beats hit instantaneously and swallow the listener into its syncopathic rhythms as a new aura of darkness takes over from the serenity seconds before.

As a lover of Korean hip-hop and rap, “My Van” is where things go down first in this world of irregularity. It’s mainly the two rappers, Taeyong and Mark, showcasing their tantalizing ability to draw the listener into their words. For the entirety of the track, the two go back and forth with each other’s verses as the listener is ping-ponged between the alluring vibes of the pair. They are able to deliver similar emotions and create their presences with just their voices despite not being able to express this track visually.

In order to achieve the full experience of Regular-Irregular, one has to listen to the entire album in one go. Let all of the songs play after one another as the shift from reality into a dreamlike state becomes prominent. The melodies, vocalists, rappers, and overall tones are able to transport the listener to a destination of irregularity.

So close your eyes, give it a listen, and soak into the voices of ten talented men in this fall weather. Check out NCT 127’s album Regular-Irregular on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, and more!

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