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SBHS's Pirandello Players Presents 'Alice in Wonderland'

By Tanisha Mitra ('26)

The Pirandello Players welcomed their audience back to SBHS in January for their production of the musical Alice in Wonderland. This year’s show followed the performance of The Addams Family and 12 Angry Jurors, both from the 2021-22 school year which captured the eyes of all audience members.

This year’s show revolves around a nine-year-old girl, who is on a journey to get back home in time for her birthday after she mistakenly falls in a rabbit hole. The rabbit hole leads to a magical land where she encounters a world full of imaginative and peculiar creatures. While they may seem to be difficult characters to perform, the cast of SBHS presents them with their own spin.

Senior Samantha Schneider, who played the lead role of Alice, talked about her transformation into the role. During her time as Alice, she brought an energetic interpretation to the whimsical character, furthering the plot.

She said, “I just thought of my little cousins and how innocent and happy they are, and I always took everything lightly.”

This classic story has been recreated by many entertainers including Disney, but the cast and crew in SBHS decided to put their own spin on the children’s favorite.

Co-director, Mr. Aldo Aranzulla stated, “We did not want it to be anything close to the Disney adaptation. We told everybody, ‘Don’t present your character like the animated Disney movie.’ [We] instead encouraged the cast to be their own characters.”

Moving on to the show day, many agree that it could not have gone any better. Walking in to the event, the auditorium as well as the entire area surrounding it was filled with anticipation both from the performers and audience. The club had also organized a table where families and friends of the cast and crew could prepare a gift bag with a message congratulating them after the show. Just outside the auditorium, a table with everybody’s favorite snacks was offered to enjoy before the show or during intermission.

The set design for the production was a reflection of the numerous hours and dedication spent on it. Wonderland was brought to life through intricate costumes, imaginative props, and a series of backdrops that transported the audience from one scene to the next.

Behind this, was creative director Ms. Rebeca Bufis, stage manager senior Avani Singh, and many others. Singh has worked closely with the three directors, Mrs. Jillian Trader, Mr. Aranzulla, and Ms. Bufis since she entered the high school four years ago.

She said, “I am very honored and blessed to be working with such a great group of people. Even though doing a play and a musical is very stressful, they take away some of it by being a strong tight-knit community.”

It is safe to say, when the cast and crew puts on an energetic show, the audience bounces off the same energy.

According to Aranzulla, “One of the best nights [to perform] was Friday night because everybody was laughing at almost every joke. The audience was good at interacting with the cast on stage. I could tell that everybody on stage was just having a good time.”

The SBHS production of Alice in Wonderland showcased the talent and creativity of the students involved. In this show, the audience was taken on a journey through a magical world filled with wonder and excitement.

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1 Comment

James Zinsmeister
James Zinsmeister
Feb 23, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed The Pirandello Players' interpretation of Alice in Wonderland! So much fun!

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