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Is Travis Kelce Taylor Swift's Endgame Lover or Just Another PR Stunt?

by Sarina Patel and Ashleigh Smith ('25)

  Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm in recent months by entering a new relationship with the Kansas Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, but some believe their relationship has progressed too far, too fast. Others think that Kelce could be the Endgame Lover for Swift after her constant struggle with lovers in the past. 

Rumors of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship began at the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears game on September 24, 2023, when Taylor was seen in the box, cheering for Kelce. They then left the game together, and the press started to go wild with everything the pair did. The video of the duo leaving the game went viral, and press pictures of the two holding hands spread like wildfire. 

Senior Isabel Mitchell said, “I think they’re a really cute couple! It’s a refreshing change for her from her usual musical, actor, boyfriends and they seem really happy together! I don’t get why people are hating… She is finally in a happy, healthy relationship and I think it deserves to be appreciated.” 

Throughout the game, people began to notice that the cameramen were showing more of Swift and less of the actual game. 

Often, when the players would score, the camera would pan up to Swift in the box instead of the players celebrating with their teammates. 

Junior Emily Werner said, “I don’t like Taylor Swift that much, so that game annoyed me. I wish they would’ve just let them play the game.” 

People began to get annoyed about the press coverage after a Swift fan page posted a picture of Swift at the game and a caption with the phrase “ketchup and seemingly ranch” in it. From here, different brands went crazy. Heinz used this to promote their “Kranch” as “ketchup and seemingly ranch,” McDonald’s had “seemingly ranch” on their menu. Even the Empire State Building was colored red and white for the colors of the condiments!

Junior Ron Piniero Goncalves said, “I love Taylor Swift. I’ve been a Swiftie for years, but I feel like everyone is going too crazy with her and Travis. I wish we would just focus on her music and not every relationship she’s in.” 

Some fans believe that the seemingly power duo’s relationship has progressed rapidly, going from Travis being a Swiftie, to Swift wearing his jersey, next to his mother in the box of his next game. People began to speculate that the duo continued this charade after seeing how well the press and fans reacted to them. 

Taylor Swift is a known Mastermind with her clues and secret puzzles that her fans have to crack for information about new music. But did she mastermind her way into one of the biggest press relationships of the year? 

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