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Information On The Viking Vibe Board Co-Editors-In-Chief

Hi :)

My name is Harivallabhi Ganapathy!

Hi! Nice to meet you :) As of right now, I'm a senior and in my fourth year of journalism! I work as a co-editor-in-chief alongside Saesha and a writer for the newspaper. In the future, after my high school career, I would love to continue writing! In my free time, I enjoy reading and watching K-pop and K-dramas! I'm so excited to see what's upcoming for the Viking Vibe this year!

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My name is Saesha Bhat...

With this being my third year a part of the newspaper and first year of being an co-editor-in-chief, I have grown to love journalism immensely. I hope to cotinue writing after high school, in whatever profession it allows me to. I am an avid reader and love to spend most of my time outdoors. As well, I play basketball and my safe place is the beach!

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