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Is Blackpink: Light Up the Sky Worth the Hype?

Harivallabhi Ganapathy (‘24)

Courtesy of Netflix/Ringer Illustrations

Want to watch a movie about a KPOP group that has over 4.073 million streams? I have been a fan of Blackpink for a while now, and their music is very unique and empowering for fans all over the world.

The Blackpink documentary on Netflix is about 4 girls who live in South Korea, their journey, and how they got to where they are now. Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa have grown a big fandom over the years for their amazing singing and mindblowing dancing.

Some of their songs like “Kill this Love” or “How You like That” have gained many streams across the world. The girls have even collabed with many mainstream artists like Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez. The documentary overall captures the experience that the girls had in South Korea getting ready for their debut and their title tracks that have garnered a lot of success in both the Korean and global music industry. Throughout the documentary, the members show themselves openly to the audience, talking about family and trainee life, which has never really been shown on the internet.

This documentary also shows how their songs came to be and what the inspiration was behind them. The movie shows the member’s experiences as trainees and how they learned to become the iconic KPOP stars today.

“They talked about like how trainees from like YG or other companies and I think Jennie said that she was just proud that she got to debut cause a lot of trainees never get that and even when they work their butts off some don’t end up debuting and it’s just sad," said freshman Sahanna Karthikeyan.

The movie shows the band’s hard work and it inspired so many people around the world especially girls. They showed the hard and easy times in their lives so far at least.

According to a LA Times article “Mikeal Wood said, “ ‘Light Up the Sky’ provides a revealing look at the ultra-competitive K-pop industry”. The K-pop industry is tough when it comes to training its students. In the movie we see the girls go through that life but according to them that shaped them into the people, they are today.”

The girls also talked about comments they got when they first started the group.The girls from Blackpink are very strong and tough-minded in this sense, and we see why they are a very popular group in the KPOP industry.

Including talking about their lives and what they have been through, the group had also talked about their process in making “The Album”. The movie shows behind the scenes of the recording parts of the song “Crazy Over Love” which hit #49 on the Billboard 100 and stayed there for two weeks. The movie also shows their tour that started in 2018 and ended in 2020 that ended right before the pandemic. It showed the Coachella performance which was their first show in America. These parts also showed the girls explaining their favorite parts during the tour and the worst parts.

Overall the movie really captures who the girls are and how they got to where they are. Cross your fingers they will keep releasing music and will still be the amazing KPOP girl band we know and love.

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