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Happier: Bastille & Marshmello

By Jamie Lewis (‘19)

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

On August 17, 2018, the British band Bastille and music producer Marshmello released their hit single “Happier.” The single peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and number two in the UK Singles Chart. “Happier” has also remained on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for twenty consecutive weeks.

Marshmello shares a very upbeat tune, but the lyrics are rather heartbreaking and share a very upsetting story. The lyrics describe a lover’s depressing decision to move on, knowing that his lover will be better than before.

The beat and chorus differ tremendously; yet, the contrast sheds a positive light for the listener in order to have them understand that it is okay to keep improving and to let someone go.

Lead singer Dan Smith of Bastille shares his rather flustered personal romance through a love-hate love story over the course of the single.

Smith sings, “I want to change my mind 'cause this just don't feel right to me. I want to raise your spirits. I want to see you smile, but know that means I'll have to leave.” Smith continues saying he would rather see his lover “happier” and live a more prosperous life than living a lie while holding him and his partner back.

Even though the lyrics say that the two lovers lost their love for one another, the action of the singer suggest that he still holds some love inside since he is willing to allow his significant other to truly be happy.

“Happier”’s lyrics and beat are very original, but the message connects with alternative band Panic! At the Disco’s hit song, “This is Gospel.”

Lead singer Brendon Urie shares his message of the letting go of a close friend of his, former band member Spencer Smith, who had a serious drug and alcohol addiction.

Urie sings, “If you love me let me go, if you love me let me go. ‘Cause these words are knives that often leave scars. The fear of falling apart. And truth be told, I never was yours. The fear, the fear of falling apart.”

Both Urie and Smith highlight failed relationships, from friendships to love interests, and the importance of letting go when the love is unhealthy and unrewarding.

These two artists want their listeners to understand the necessity of being honest and paying attention to the substance of a relationship between two people. Communication and respect appear to be the most crucial elements within a relationship because without face to face conversation and understanding, a person’s version of love might not seem the same from one person to the next. Love simply cannot prosper without the expression of true, healthy emotions, and those who are unhappy will remain unhappy if they lack the honesty everyone needs to have in a relationship.

“Happier” and “This is Gospel” are two very successful songs because of the strong message they both portray behind powerful lyrics and catchy beats.

Through sharing very similar and realistic messages, Dan Smith and Brendon Urie want the best for their listeners and they want them to live a prosperous life of love and truth.

Everyone deserves the chance to feel happiness and to feel appreciated, so why not share the reality of a collapsed love story and the positive outcomes of flipping to the next chapter of life?

Smith wants his listeners to understand what it means to be happy, and why it is so important to let go of his or her love in order for both to be “happier.”

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