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Friday Night: Bringing South Brunswick Home

By Rishita Nossan (‘26)

On the night of October 7, South Brunswick High School will host its annual Homecoming (HOCO) game, a football event including various SB traditions. The varsity football team will oppose Ridge High School in Valhalla Stadium, and the students’ excitement can be felt throughout the building as the game inches closer.

Homecoming court winners were announced on September 30, and everyone is awaiting the results of who will be crowned Homecoming King and Queen. This year, each class’s Homecoming theme is a specifically chosen Broadway show to fit the concept “SBHS Goes Broadway.” Class Councils are to be featured at the game to present the production that was chosen by each grade. The marching band will be performing at halftime as well, and the Spirit Cup will be awarded at the end of the night to the class that had the most spirit during the HOCO Spirit Week. The South Brunswick Vikings are eagerly waiting for this fun, active event.

This Homecoming is the last for the Class of 2023. Everyone is looking forward to making the most of their time at the game, but it will definitely be a memorable night for the seniors who will be parting with this tradition as they leave the district next year. Twelve of these seniors, six girls and six boys, make up the 2022-2023 HOCO court. Nominees for HOCO King are Josh Joseph, Francis Karanja, Damarion Potts, John Rappoccio, Kunal Shukla, and Russell Tsao. Nominees for HOCO Queen include: Simrahn Bidaye, Autumn Capes, Delali Kumapley, Krista Oliver, Emma Qavolli, and Anisha Senapati. Students have the opportunity to vote for the King and Queen of their choice until 3rd block on Friday. Forms are posted in each class’ Google Classroom, so go vote! Good luck to the court!

Senior Autumn Capes, a member of Homecoming Court and one of the Drum Majors for the SB Marching Band said, “As a part of [the] marching band, I've never had the traditional Homecoming experience. I have always performed during halftime, and spend most of my time cheering on the football team with the whole band rather than in the student section. However, I am sad to be leaving this tradition, as it is a night where [the] entire school comes out to support everyone and celebrate SBHS.”

Another unique aspect of SBHS’s Homecoming is the annual themes that represent each class. The Class Councils have worked very hard to create posters and displays that showcase their themes. Special Education teacher, Ms. Jamie Weinstein, one of the class council advisors for the Class of 2026, has guided her council members through the important process of preparing for Homecoming with her fellow advisor Ms. Anna Chan.

Ms. Weinstein said, “Homecoming is a great opportunity for the classes to unify in a very unique way that’s both fun and competitive at the same time, so that’s one thing that I really enjoy about Homecoming. I think there’s this sense of [friendly] competition [because] every class advisor wants [their] Class Council kids and their class to win the Spirit Cup. A lot’s on the line for that. But, it’s mostly all in good fun, which is the reason why I enjoy Homecoming so much.”

Throughout the week leading up to Homecoming, the Student Council held a Homecoming Spirit Week. This Spirit Week was made up of creative themes that the students were encouraged to dress up in. HOCO Spirit Week consisted of Adam Sandler Day, Grease Day, Class Color Day, and Pink Out. The class with the most Spirit points- points awarded to each class for honoring the day’s theme- will be announced Spirit Cup winner at the Homecoming game. All of the classes have been showing their spirit throughout these fun themes, and the competition for Spirit Cup winner has almost come to an end!

Mark your calendars- Homecoming is only one school day away! After dismissal, students will anxiously await the game, some of them remaining in the building for activities until the football game at 6:30. The Homecoming game will be a thrilling celebration to wrap up the school week and it will remain in the memories of all of the Vikings. Everyone is requested to be dressed for Pink Out to support Breast Cancer Awareness. On a final note, make sure to cherish the moments that will make this Homecoming a night to remember!

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