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Case X: What it's all about

by Manahil Zulfiqar ('26)

Interested in Biology or Medicine and want to experience being a doctor? The Biomedical Futures Club has got that covered with their project, Case X which is a group project that allows students to become doctors and diagnose real-life patients. 

This project is a hands-on experience, where students form groups and work together from November to May, each year. Throughout those months, they get a new patient and work to diagnose them. On each video or graphic organizer that a group submits, the more points they get! 

BioMed board member & sophomore Harshitha Vijayshankar said that Case X is good for students who plan to pursue a career in medicine. Case X revolves around medical diagnoses and conditions and how a patient can get diagnosed. Students can also just learn how doctors work with their patients and how they figure out diagnoses for different patients. 

It gives them the opportunity to view different diagnoses, as well as see how conditions can present differently in individuals depending on their age, gender, and/or other factors,” said Vijayshankar. 

Students don’t see or “meet” a patient in person. They see a patient in a unique way online. 

Vijayshankar said “Students see videos of real-life patients through a platform called OnlineMedEd. They get information on past medical history, symptoms, medication use, and other relevant data necessary to make an accurate diagnosis.” 

OnlineMedEd is a global medical education platform where medical students can watch videos and lectures to help with exams and medical education. With the amount of information and resources it has, OnlineMedEd is a great source for students participating in Case X. 

As students gather points throughout their work in Case X, they can also win additional points at the end of the year at Case X night and win the whole Case X. 

BioMed club advisor Mrs. Courtney Kestner said, “By the end of the year teams have rankings based on their score.  They put their knowledge to the test at Case X Night where they compete with other teams to diagnose patients based on the information they learned through the year.  The winners receive a grand prize.” 

Case X is also beneficial for students who genuinely want to become involved in the club and apply for a board position. 

“Case X is a great opportunity for BioMed members who may be interested in a leadership position because it shows that they are genuinely interested in learning more about biology and medicine. It shows commitment to our club values including teamwork, discipline and creativity,” said Mrs. Kestner.  

All in all, BioMed’s Case X is an innovative way for future medical students to get the experience of being a doctor and to get involved in the club more.

“The best thing about Case X is getting to see future doctors in action,” said Mrs. Kestner. 

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