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FBLA: Paws For A Cause

by Harivallabhi Ganapathy ('24)

There are many clubs at SBHS, ranging from business clubs to cooking clubs and more. One of the most popular clubs at the school is FBLA. 

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America and is known as a business club. It is a nationwide Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) that prepares students of various ages to become community business leaders. This is done by career preparation and many leadership experiences. With these leadership experiences and other experiences, they could learn skills such as networking, public speaking, and self-improvement on other topics They compete at the highest levels and bring home the highest prizes at the pride of SB FBLA.

But besides the competition and career opportunities the club offers, they also dabble in community service. 

Senior and FBLA webmaster, Areeb Mahmood said, “At South Brunswick FBLA, we get people motivated to put in the work to reach really big goals!,” . 

A community service act that FBLA is participating in right now is called Paws for a Cause (PFAC). 

Junior and Co-President, Kunaal Purohit said,“I was inspired to start Paws for a Cause by a trip to India I made in 2022. Seeing the condition homeless animals were forced to deal with was difficult to watch, and I knew I wanted to make a difference,” . 

It aims to collect materials like food, litter and more that animal shelters and veterinarian offices need for their rescues/patients. One organization that FBLA has been helping is the Save Homeless Animals organization. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal shelter that is “dedicated to protecting the health and welfare of homeless companion animals in the greater Princeton area and beyond.” 

According to PETA, many animal shelters, because of space limitations, put homeless animals down if they are ill, aggressive, or unclaimed. The FBLA chapter at SBHS chose this organization because of its commitment and dedication to homeless animals. 

FBLA has been donating to this organization and has collected over 50 items that help improve the lives of the displaced pets. Some of the items include towels, dog and cat food, puppy pads, and kitty litter. 

The SB FBLA chapter wishes to continue Paws For A Cause and expand it even further. With these efforts, they wish for PFAC to place at the State Leadership Conference, which is where FBLA chapters all over the state gather to compete. Besides that, FBLA wishes to expand their community service even more, making their future even brighter. 

FBLA Co-advisor and math teacher, Mrs. Ellie Nichols said, “In our SB FBLA chapter, Mr. Maitland and I have been absolutely blown away by the initiative that our students have taken.  The work I have seen these students put in, and the reach they have, is unbelievably impressive.  Our students are truly the Future Business Leaders of America, and Mr. Maitland and I are so lucky to have a small part in their story.” . 

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