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Brilliant Books and Magnificent Movies to Enjoy

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

With the onset of COVID-19 and the seemingly endless days of quarantine, book lovers and movie fanatics have had a substantial amount of time to discover anything they want. From the televised release of the Broadway original, Hamilton, to The Black Kids written by Christina Hammonds Reed, people of all ages have been able to find something new to watch or read. 

Platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and many more have given teenagers the opportunity to discover new passions, even during the busy school year, which grants students no time to enjoy their favorite TV shows. 

While many teens have been spending their time online, some have been using quarantine as a time to read. Of course, movies and shows are on everyone’s mind now, but there are still many book lovers who would rather read the book first then watch the movie. 

Sophomore Megahnna Kakaraparthi said, “I would rather read the book first than see the movie because I can picture the characters and settings to my own liking. I have read so many books during quarantine that my bookcase is filled to the brim. I love reading as a way to pass time.”

Kakarapathi recommends The Selection series by Keira Cass, The Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins, and The Kane Chronicles trilogy by Rick Riordan. 

The Selection series is a sci-fi romance, where 35 impoverished girls are given the chance to win the best life they could possibly think of. The main character America Singer, who is very poor, reluctantly enters the competition at her family’s will. The competition of a lifetime is for the Prince’s hand and a crown, but a heart crushing goodbye and rocky friendship make it difficult for America to decide what kind of life she wants to live. 

The Hex Hall trilogy portrays the life of sixteen-year-old Sophie Mercer who has a warlock for a father and magic in her blood. After a terrible display of magic by Sophie, she is banished to the new boarding school, Hex Hall, where her world is turned upside down as she learns strange tricks about her friends and the shadow lurking in the walls. 

The Kane Chronicles trilogy is about two siblings who find out they are the most powerful Egyptian beings since a hundred years ago where magicians and gods ruled Ma’at. In their effort to protect the town of Ma’at they must come together and use their powers to ward off the fierce Egyptian gods. And according to Entertainment, the Kane Chronicles are being made into Netflix movies.  

Although watching/reading new releases and shows can be exciting, the old classics and reruns can create a sense of nostalgia. By seeing a favorite character or a favorite episode, people can be transported to a memory that they didn’t realize they had. 

Sophomore Kimberly Klinger says she's been watching all the old Disney movies, such as Camp Rock, High School Musical, and The Parent Trap, along with her current favorites like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Feel the Beat

Movies aren't all that she’s watched. She says she’s been watching reruns of television shows Jessie and Austin and Ally along with Victorious. Her recommendations for those who love movies are The Greatest Showman, and for those who love Disney related movies The Last Summer which designates itself towards teenagers. 

For some more book recommendations, Barnes & Nobles, which is still open during this global pandemic, is a great place to start because of the staff members and the array of books they have. And although the South Brunswick public library and high school library are closed due to COVID-19, reaching out to the librarians for requests would also be a beneficial option for more recommendations.

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