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Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger CD Version (*.DMG) alecran




oh ok, cool i think that's it try my package manager is screaming at me to reinstall glibc, but I have it installed and running fine... at least it appears to be here it is anyone have any ideas? GeekDawg, that is not 12.04 is it, you have a ppa for this? wileee, yeah 12.04 GeekDawg, What is the specific error you get or context? you can try a synaptic install here wileee, it is after I try to update and upgrade GeekDawg, You really may not get any, you might need to look at the ppa info, you have one, or you will be using a ubuntu tweak to remove it wileee, no thanks GeekDawg, I'm not sure what ppa info you need, but can confirm synaptic works. wileee, I tried that already and that did not work GeekDawg, Where does it say it needs to reinstall? wileee, it's being quiet now I just tried synaptic GeekDawg, You know what I mean, the package manager. I see a package with version 2.14 but I have installed 3.12 GeekDawg, lsb_release -a will show you where?




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Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger CD Version (*.DMG) alecran

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