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Virtual School Events in the Wake of Coronavirus

Student council members, Ms. Olsen, and a few other attendees show their enthusiasm during the first virtual school event, Wear Teal, Spin the Wheel

Student Council’s annual Wear Teal, Spin the Wheel event looked a little different this year due to remote learning. In the past, the alcove has been decorated with teal ribbons and students would walk in and out of their lunches to play games and spin the wheel for prizes. 

Since that was not possible this year, the event moved to Zoom during lunch on September 29, where Student Council President Tabitha Mascobetto presented a slideshow raising awareness about prostate and ovarian cancer. Senior Shreya Manjrekar then asked trivia questions, which gave students the opportunity to win various prizes, which included gift-cards, $10 off student council events and fleet gear. 

Class of 2022 President Armaan Kazi said, “I liked the trivia and the competition between other people. It’s an element that was never really added until this year and I believe it made the event a lot more enjoyable in a fun way.”

There were, however, a few problems.

Senior Rilyn Szabo pointed out one of the challenges Student Council faced. 

“A lot of people who signed up for the event didn't end up attending the event, so the second activity didn't run as smoothly as the first one. It would've been nice if people actually committed to going to the event after they signed up to prevent that type of situation from happening again.”

One reason why this may have happened is because students had already endured five hours of Zoom classes plus however many hours of homework online, so many may have opted to spend their lunch time away from their screen. 

As the first virtual school event of the year, the Spin the Wheel Teal Event may serve as the precedent for other clubs to run the events they typically do. Model UN’s Trivia Night, Amnesty’s Write for Rights, WISH club’s Bingo Night and many clubs’ movie nights, to name a few events, allowed students to have fun with their friends last year. Now, clubs are working on either moving them virtually or coming up with other engaging remote events. Student Council and clubs will need to navigate through these new complications brought on by remote learning in order to bring some sense of normalcy in this unusual time.

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