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Viking Closet Grand Opening Event!

By Keira Gilmore and Isabel Mitchell (‘24)

(Picture was taken directly from Viking Closet Instagram @sbhsvikingcloset)

The South Brunswick Viking Closet is now officially open again, after almost three full years! The Viking Closet is a place where students can get everyday clothing, shoes, accessories, or even prom dresses/formal wear all for free! The closet officially reopened to the public on December 20, 2021, and is open during lunches, or after school, if needed.

This was a big event for the Viking Closet because people have donated clothing over the past two years, and now students who need it finally have access again. The closet has a variety of clothing including dress shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Not only is there clothing, but students can also get shoes, jewelry, bags, and some personal hygiene items! The closet is a great way to buy practically new clothing, and help the environment at the same time.

The closet is overseen by Child Study Team members Mrs. Carla Garcia and Mrs. Rosa Brandao but is run primarily by students who are members of the club.

According to Mrs. Garcia, “The Viking Closet is a donation-run clothing ‘store,’ where the community donates new or gently used clothing.”

The club members will then go through all the clothes and organize the things that would be best for the closet. The closet’s stock is rotated with the seasons and with new arrivals whenever needed, so there is always an opportunity to find things there.

The Viking Closet grand opening event was super successful according to Mrs. Garcia and attendees.

Mrs. Garcia said, “It was amazing to see students come in one day and then bring their friend in the next day to look around again! I wish I kept track of all the empty hangers we had.”

Sophomore Jordyn Weintraub who attended the event said, “It was so much fun, I saw people in there with their arms full of stuff! While I didn’t get anything as I don't need any more clothes, I was definitely impressed by the selection!”

One big thing that the Viking Closet does is a yearly prom dress event. They collect dresses over the year to display and let students “shop” from them at a free event on February 19. They have an amazingly large selection of dresses, so any student looking for a prom dress should check that out! They do also have some suits however, those are usually in short supply so students who if you want one should, act fast! They also have a large selection of shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories students can go through. ANy students who are interested in attending can sign up for this event using the QR code at @sbhsvikingcloset on Instagram.

Mrs. Garcia said, “If any students are interested in even just finding what style of dress they like, they are strongly encouraged to come to the prom dress event. If they don’t buy a dress, sizes are a whole different world so even trying someone on could help, and maybe you’ll find something you like.”

The Viking Closet is a great way to get cool clothing for free and to help the environment by reusing clothes. There are so many students who can get there, and it is a great way to get whatever is while supporting the closet.

If students want more updates on the Viking Closet and their events, follow their Instagram, Facebook, or around the school!

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