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The Club Fair is Back!

By Lujan Asturias ('23)

After a year and a half of remote learning and staying at home, everyone is finally back in the building. At the start of every new school year, a club fair takes place.

For those who do not know, a club fair is an event held throughout all lunch periods. Club fairs allow for students to display and promote their own club for either new students or students looking for more activities.

This year, the Club Fair will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, September 21, and Wednesday, September 22. Since the high school has so many students, there is a wide variety of clubs that consist of mostly everything, from Newspaper to Jazz Bands to Step Club.

For those interested in music, there is a group of clubs just for that. Small ensembles- Clarinet Choir, Jazz Band, Saxophone Ensemble, etc.- perform in a series of concerts that usually occur during the spring. These groups are not as advertised as some of the other clubs might be so the Club Fair allows for more recognition.

Similarly, Pirandello Players is a group that puts on a play every year. They put on plays like “Little Women” and “A Murder Among Us”.

For those who prefer problem-solving and are interested in subjects like math or science, there is also a long list of clubs that might be of interest. There are groups like Chemistry Olympics, Computer Science Club, Mathletes, Robotics Club, Science League, Science Olympics, and many more. Although all of these clubs require great problem-solving skills, some also require those to compete (Mathletes & Robotics Club).

There are also clubs for those who prefer to create. Clubs like Art Club, allow students to create their own products of art. Sweet and Savory, which is a culinary club, allows students to create edible masterpieces.

For students who are interested in their future, there are clubs that focus on helping students learn more about what their future might hold. The Future Business Leaders of America, Bio & Medical Futures, and Future Educators Club all help with pursuing what students might plan to do in their futures.

If there are students who prefer to be in something more physical there is Step Club, where students perform choreographed routines at pep rallies. There is also the Working in Senior Housing (or W.I.S.H), where students interact with seniors and make sure they are having fun and a welcoming experience during their retirement.

For students that are into politics and are interested in the government and the history of America, there are clubs like Dead Presidents Society, as well as Law Club & Mock Trial, and Model United Nations.

With over 50 clubs at the high school, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If none of these clubs interest you then create your own with a staff member who is willing to also be a part of your club. There are many more clubs that were not listed in this article including some of the language art programs. Here is a link to the full list of clubs: Clubs - High School and make sure you check out the Club fairs during your lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday!

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