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SBHS Hosts Its Anual Wear Teal Spin The Wheel Event

By Mytreyi Sureshkumar ('21)

On September 20, South Brunswick High School called attention to prostate and ovarian cancer awareness through the Wear Teal, Spin the Wheel event. Students wore blue or teal on Friday, which gave them the opportunity to spin the wheel, win various prizes, and play fun games like finish the lyric and trivia. Prizes included snacks, candy, temporary tattoos, etc.

The reason why it is so important to discuss prostate and ovarian cancer is because the symptoms of both are often subtle, and only become severe in the later stages.

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and one in nine men will be diagnosed during his lifetime. For women, if ovarian cancer is detected early, then 94% live past five years after the initial diagnosis.

However, the problem is that the cancer is detected during the early stages only around 20% of the time. It is crucial to be aware and be educated about prostate and ovarian cancer as early detection can help increase survival rates.

Activities coordinator Mrs. Harlee Olsen said, “This event especially holds a special place in the heart of Student Council because we understand that there are people in the community who are affected by or know people who are affected by ovarian/prostate cancer.”

Wear Teal, Spin the Wheel was the first event Student Council hosted for the school year. Students started the year off on a positive note by wearing blue or teal to show their support.

Student Council executive member Ayesha Malik said, “It’s important to have school spirit and participate in these activities, especially because it’s for a good cause.”

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