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Nothing in the World That Girls Like More than… Scholarships!

By Esha Peer ('21)

Courtesy of SBCW

With better educational opportunities for girls in recent years, females are getting more chances to pursue higher education. However, regardless of gender, money is an issue that is hard to avoid.

That is why organizations like the South Brunswick Commission on Women (SBCW) try to help high school girls in their community by giving out scholarships to South Brunswick students.

The SBCW started in 1996 by former South Brunswick mayor, Debra Johnson. The focus of the organization is to help out and support girls and women in the South Brunswick community. This is the same purpose for the scholarship.

The application process for the scholarship is fairly simple: complete a form to apply, write an essay, get a letter of recommendation, a resume, and a transcript. Although the process is simple, a lot more goes into finding the perfect pick for the award.

Junior Rhea Paul, student commissioner for the SBCW says, “The board gets all the applicants, and has a member lockout applicants names and personal information. Then, they make sure that non-biased members only can determine who is getting the scholarship. So if someone has a daughter in high school, then they won’t be permitted to decide.”

Last year’s winners of the scholarship were school president Sara Rubiano and Dhruvi Rajpopat. They could not be reached for comment by as of press time.

The scholarship application started on January 10 and ends February 10. It’ll be awarded at the 23rd annual Leadership Conference in SBHS. The SBCW will be holding its annual Women’s Leadership Conference on Saturday, March 30, 2020.

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