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Intro to Nutrition

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

By Juliana Scannelli ('23)

Out of the many STEM-related classes that students are allowed to take at SBHS, there is no better class to take than Intro to Nutrition.

This class is available to juniors and seniors and is a half-year course, giving 2.5 credits. Students will have the chance to learn about cultural foods, tools for healthy eating, the digestive system, the six nutrients, and Diet Analysis Projects. The only prerequisite for this class is that students must have an average that is 65% or higher in biology.

According to the Elective Science Booklet course summary, students will be able to obtain a bigger understanding of nutrition and how it affects the human body.

Nutrition teacher, Mrs. Meghan Baskakow said “I haven’t seen a course like this in any other classroom. It’s a pretty laid-back and fun class where students will learn the science behind eating healthy. This class is a good class to take because it teaches kids how to and why what they’re eating affects the body. Having a nutrition background is important for those who are graduating and either going to college or the workplace, students should know what they are putting into their body.”

Even though most juniors will take Adult Issues, where most of the subjects above are taught, Intro to Nutrition takes a deeper and more scientific approach to nutrition and the effect foods have on the body.

Junior Samantha Schneider said, “I loved taking Intro to Nutrition this year because it was interesting to learn about nutrients, careers in the nutrition field, the digestive system, and obtaining certain skills pertaining to reading and understanding food labels. This class takes a more scientific approach to learning about the human body unlike Adult Issues, but it doesn’t have the same stress level as weighted biology classes. Students should definitely invest in taking this class because it gives you a lot of tips that’ll help in the future.”

So, if any students are interested in learning about foods, and want to understand how the body works, Intro to Nutrition may be just the class!

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