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Choosing the right elective

By Adam Khan ('23)

As the year starts to come to a close, elective choices have been on the mind of new students for next year. From culinary to auto, film-making to journalism, and several other electives, how can students find which is the most profitable for them?

To start, students should form a list of potential electives they might excel in and/or have a passion for, and take note of them. Email the instructors of that particular elective, or possibly, get in touch with students in those electives to get an understanding of what to expect from that elective. Here at SBHS, teachers are just one email away, and with a vast index of electives to choose from, students should not feel any pressure upon choosing them.

Guidance Counselor, Ms. Sandra Lucariello said, “I always tell students to choose an elective they are interested in. High School is an opportunity to explore. Diversify your high school choices, and you will have a good potential for what you desire to pursue and major in. I also encourage students to have consistency in what they choose. If you are interested in an elective, build on it.”

Electives can give others the chance to get into the college of their choice as colleges review transcripts and performance. Electives can also serve as a precursor to what one can learn and experience in their college major. Various electives also source after-school clubs in which they can add to one's college application.

In journalism for example, on Thursdays, a newspaper club is held after school in which students have open discussions, and work on articles. When looking into the different electives, a student can find one that resonates with them the most. That club could lead to being a life-long skill that will help them in college and in life.

Ms. Lucariello added, “If a student is taking any course, and they are taking advantage of every opportunity, they will have a solid foundation for it when they enter college. You can understand what you're more interested in.”

As teenagers, high school is a short four-year period in which one should step out of their average comfort zone and try something new! These small decisions one makes in four years can go a long way in the future. If a student enters an elective they might not have an interest in, they are always free to switch out of it, and it serves as a learning experience.

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