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Adele's New Album and How it Came to Be

By Lujan Asturias (‘23)

Six years have passed since the drop of Adele’s last album, and on November 19, Adele, a thirty-three-year-old British pop artist, released her latest album, 30; which is a representation of what Adele has gone through in the last couple of years.

This is her fourth album, following 19, 21, and 25. The album contains twelve songs including songs like the already released “Easy on Me”, with three extra tracks on the CD. This latest release of Adele’s music is significantly increasing her popularity.

Adele’s music was always on the downhearted side, primarily because her albums are a reflection of her experiences like her break-ups. But this time, her album is about her divorce from her ex-husband, Simon Konecki, the CEO of a charity called Drop4Drop.

In an NBC article, she stated that she was ‘disappointed’ about the divorce, for her son Angelo, and for herself. On the album, there is a song titled “My Little Love”, that has voice notes to herself about how she feels, and of her talking to her son. The listeners can empathize with the heaviness of the emotions Adele is feeling, and how alone she has felt.

However, she did make it a point to interviewers and fans that the album is not to say anything in opposition of Konecki, and she says in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, “Even now I trust him with my life. He and Angelo were angels that were sent to me, that’s how I feel”.

The album is just a portrayal of how she feels about the divorce in general.

Junior Gabriella Ramirez said, “This is her most heartfelt album, in all honesty. This album really makes me sit down and think about my life”. I think this album is going to be one of her best albums, because of the fact that she just coped with everything”.

30 is definitely getting the attention it deserves. According to CNN, “Adele’s song “Easy on Me”, from her new album, [was just] approaching six million streams on Spotify”, and her videos for the album are reaching more than 169 million views.

The song “Hold On” is also becoming fairly popular well, as it is being displayed as the song for anyone who is going through challenges in their life by celebrities like Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey.

Adele performed “Easy On Me”, “I Drink Wine”, “Hold On”, and “Love is a Game” with additional songs from her previous albums like the profoundly popular “Rolling in the Deep”, which was on her album 21, on her television special Adele: One Night Only. The television special happened on November 14, and according to BillBoard, it “averaged 9.92 million viewers” around the US.

Adele is amongst the artists whose music speaks to various types of individuals. The release of her new music also means that she is now doing more performances and interviews to entertain her fans, new and old. Many people should expect to see Adele more, especially since she has been gone for six years, and the release of the album has been very successful.

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