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21st Century Careers: Nursing

By Brianna Soliman ('22)

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A career in the field of nursing is considered to be an outstanding job to look into for the future. Being a licensed nurse gives a person many rewards and plays a huge part in the everyday lives of people.

A bachelor's degree and well-maintained grades are necessary for the job. Nursing provides individuals the benefits of flexible working hours, high salary, mental satisfaction and job security.

Why should people seek jobs in the nursing field for the future?

According to Mrs. Josie Makar, a registered cardiovascular nurse at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, “We nurses have to be able to deal with every little thing that crosses our path. It takes a big person to do the job. We have to deal with [body odor] and bodily fluids that some people can not handle. It is just something you get use to.”

What is the most rewarding part about the job?

According to an article by the Nurse Journal, nursing requires a great amount of strength, dedication and motivation.

Mrs. Makar talked about the most rewarding part of the job.

She said, “I fully think that the most rewarding part is being able to see most patients on the verge of dying and then seeing them up and about and well. You then know that their life was possible because of you. You are the ones that fixed them.”

According to, “Nurses are with the patients 24/7. They see them at their worst and at their best.”

A nurse is the most important part of the patients’ hospital experience and they really do make a difference.

Education Needed?

Pursuing a career in the nursing field requires a lot of education. Nursing requires at least a four-year college or university degree with a bachelor’s in science. Aspiring nurses can earn a diploma, a bachelors of science degree, an associates degree in nursing or a bachelors of science in nursing.

What is the toughest part about the job?

The hardest part about the job, according to Mrs. Makar, is, “seeing all the frustrations of the patient's family...the frustration and sadness. Being able to push the patients to get better and to tell the close friends and family that everything will be okay is very challenging.”

Another challenging part about this is that the job isn’t limited to just nursing. Some days nurses have to act as housekeepers, even fixing the patients’ clocks and TV’s, sweeping their floors and cleaning up.

Should more people pursue a career in Nursing?

According to an article on, more people should take the time to check out this job and what it has to offer. There is always a need for nurses and there will always be job openings for them.

Ms. Makar said, “Nursing is such a broad field, [people should] really explore- various and endless choices and possibilities.”

There are many different specialties and fields available.

According to Mrs. Makar, nursing is very rewarding and is a great job to pursue. She encourages students to think about becoming a nurse. Nurses mean a lot in the lives of everyday people and are an important part of their hospital experience.

Nurses aren’t there to just help out. They are there to comfort patients and make sure they have the best experience possible for their stay at the hospital. Nursing seems like a great career and journey to take on in the future.

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